About Us

Fiber Glass Engineering - Composites Manufacturing

FGE Established in 2001 by the Grace of Almighty Allah, since then we have been expanding and now well known for our unique FRP products (composites) which are manufactured strictly in accordance with the FGE standards and approved specifications.

FGE produce varied customized items for different segments of the society like industry, educational institutions, offices and different products for commercial & domestic use.

Fiberglass or Glass fiber is a material made from extremely fine fibers of glass and used as reinforcing agent for many polymer products, the resulting composite material properly known as fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) or glass reinforced plastic (GRP).

A single glass filament, thinner than human hair, has a tensile strength of approximately 500Ksi/3.5GPa, but essentially no compressive strength to achieve a structured building material, fibers are encased in a polymer resin matrix, which binds them together and allows imposed loads to be spread across the fibers. In addition to tensile strength fiber provides stiffness and impact resistance.

Fiber Reinforced plastic, or FRP, encompasses an array of engineered materials that are specifically designed to put strength where it is needed while reducing the weight of a structure.

Composite properties vary greatly depending on the combination of two components-the resin and the type and form of the fiber reinforcements as well as the method by which they are manufactured.

Main Advantages of Composites (FRP)

  • Flexibility
  • Toughness
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Durability with extended life
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • Weather & corrosion resistant
  • Excellent aesthetic appearance